Elucidation of the sequential transcriptional activity in Escherichia coli using time-series RNA-seq data

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Cloning and overexpression of non-coding RNA rprA in E.coli can increase the resistance to Kanamycin without osmotic shock

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Substitutional Analysis of Orthologous Protein Families Using BLOCKS
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High Throughput Virtual Screening to Identify Novel natural product Inhibitors for MethionyltRNA-Synthetase of Brucella melitensis

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Computational study of ‘HUB’ microRNA in human cardiac diseases

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Prediction Model
Net2Align: An Algorithm For Pairwise Global Alignment of Biological Networks
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Identification and analysis of insulin like peptides in nematode secretomes provide targets for parasite control
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Structural modelling and phylogenetic analyses of PgeIF4A2 (Eukaryotic translation initiation factor) from Pennisetum glaucum reveal signature motifs with a role in stress tolerance and development

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Nutritional, Medicinal and Toxicological Attributes of Star-Fruits (Averrhoa carambola L.): A Review
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Molecular docking analysis of UniProtKB nitrate reductase enzyme with known natural flavonoids

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