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The Dental Informatics Online Community
Irwin et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 307-309 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Current Trends
Toward Multimodality Oral Cancer Diagnosis in the XXI Century: Blending Cutting Edge Imaging and Genomic/Proteomic Definition of Suspicious Lesions
Le et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 304-306 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Predeiction Model
Proteomic Signature of Periodontal Disease in Pregnancy: Predictive Validity for Adverse Outcomes
Ramchandani et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 300-303 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Prediction Model
Transforming scientific evidence into better consumer choices
Bauer & Chiappelli, Bioinformation 5(7): 297-299 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Views & Challenges
Proteomics and its Applications for Biomarker Discovery in Human Saliva
Xiao et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 294-296(2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Views & Challenges
Biomaterials for the programming of cell growth in oral tissues: The possible role of APA
Salerno et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 291-293 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

The Role of the Microenvironment in Tumor Immune Surveillance
Oluwadara et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 285-290 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Proteomic Signature of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD): Toward Diagnostically Predictive Biomarkers
Demerjian et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 282-284 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Epigenetic Regulation of Osteogenesis: Human Embryonic Palatal Mesenchymal Cells
Barkhordarian et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 278-281 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Proteomics as it pertains to oral pathologies and dental research
Chiappelli et al. Bioinformation 5(7): 277 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT