MPDB: Molecular Pathways Brain Database


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Prediction Model

Optimizing k-mer size using a variant grid search to enhance de novo genome assembly


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Next generation sequencing (NGS) in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency studies


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Molecular model of thylakoid membrane bound (SlAPX6) ascorbate peroxidase from Solanum lycopersicum


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Insights from molecular modeling, docking and simulation of imidazole nucleus containing chalcones with EGFR kinase domain for improved binding function


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Towards the construction of an interactome for Human WD40 protein family


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Molecular modeling and docking of small molecule inhibitors against NEK2


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Insights from the docked DoxDA Model with Thiosulphate


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Web Sever

MFPPI Multi FASTA ProtParam Interface


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Web Sever

PICI: A web server with a multi-parametric algorithm for identifying interaction sites within protein complexes


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