Web Server

sRNATarget: a web server for prediction of bacterial sRNA targets
Y. Cao et al.,
3(8), 364-366 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


Web Server
NASCENT: An automatic protein interaction network generation tool for non-model organisms
D. Banky et al.,
3(8), 361-363 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


UPIC: Perl scripts to determine the number of SSR markers to run
R. S. Arias et al.,
3(8), 352-360 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



PBEAM: A parallel implementation of BEAM for genome-wide inference of epistatic interactions
T. Peng et al.,
3(8), 349-351 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



BatchGenAna: a batch platform for large-scale genomic analysis of mammalian small RNAs
X. Ying et al.,
3(8), 346-348 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



A database for allergenic proteins and bioinformatics tools for allergenicity prediction
C. Kim et al.,
3(8), 344-345 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Specific gene hypomethylation and cancer: New insights into coding region feature trends
E. Daura-Oller et al.,
3(8), 340-343 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Biomarkers for early detection of high risk cancers: From gliomas to nasopharyngeal carcinoma
O. Oluwadara & F. Chiappelli,
3(8), 332-339 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


Towards the interaction mechanism of tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E) with selected metabolizing enzymes
J. Upadhyay & K. Misra,
3(8), 326-331 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Functional interpretation of APN receptor from the insect M. sexta using structural and modeling studies
A. Singh and C. V. S. S. Prasad,
321-325 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT