Designing Epitope Ensemble Vaccines against TB by Selection: Prioritising Antigens using Predicted Immunogenicity
J. Mistry & D.R. Flower, Bioinformation 13(7): 220-223  (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT
A Genomic Signature for Genotyping Mycobacterium tuberculosis 
D. Tarazona et al. Bioinformation 13(7): 224-230 (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


Short peptide epitope design from hantaviruses causing HFRS
S. Sankar et al. Bioinformation 13(7): 231-236 (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT
Docking Analysis of Verteporfin with YAP WW Domain
I. Kandoussi et al. Bioinformation 13(7): 237-241 (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



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