Web Server
DEB: A web interface for RNA-seq digital gene expression analysis
Yao & Yu. Bioinformation 7(1): 44-45 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Antagomirbase: A putative antagomir database
Ganguli et al. Bioinformation 7(1): 41-43 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

ValFold: Program for the aptamer truncation process
Akitomi et al. Bioinformation 7(1): 38-40 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Prediction Model
Adaptive thresholds to detect differentially expressed genes in microarray data
Fukuoka et al. Bioinformation 7(1): 33-37 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Remote homologue identification of Drosophila GAGA factor in mouse
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Molecular modeling of human neutral sphingomyelinase provides insight into its molecular interactions
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Insights from the analysis of conserved motifs and permitted amino acid exchanges in the human, the fly and the worm GPCR clusters
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A comprehensive molecular interaction map for Hepatitis B virus and drug designing of a novel inhibitor for Hepatitis B X protein
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Functional co-evolutionary study of glucosamine-6-phosphate synthase in mycoses causing fungi
Banerjee et al. Bioinformation 7(1): 5-8 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Insights from the molecular docking of withanolide derivatives to the target protein PknG from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Aishwarya & Santhi. Bioinformation 7(1): 1 - 4 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT