Mycobacteriophage Genome Database
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A web accessible resource for investigating cassava phenomics and genomics information: BIOGEN BASE
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RegStatGel: Proteomic software for identifying differentially expressed proteins based on 2D gel images
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VSDK: Virtual screening of small molecules using AutoDock Vina on Windows platform
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PDBToSDF: Create ligand structure files from PDB file
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Prediction Model
SSPred: A prediction server based on SVM for the identification and classification of proteins involved in bacterial secretion systems
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Selection of herbal therapeutics against deltatoxin mediated Clostridial infections
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A graph-based clustering method applied to protein sequences
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Identification of Escherichia coli through analysis of 16S rRNA and 16S-23S rRNA internal transcribed spacer region sequences
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Homology modeling and consensus protein disorder prediction of human filamin
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