CytReD: A database collecting human cytokinome information
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Prediction model
Prediction of N-myristoylation modification of proteins by SVM
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A heuristic method for discovering biomarker candidates based on rough set theory
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Variability analyses of functional domains within glucosamine-6-phosphate synthase of mycosescausing fungi
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Analysis of glycosylation motifs and glycosyltransferases in Bacteria and Archaea
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Isolation, identification and computational studies on Pseudomonas aeruginosa sp. strain MPC1 in tannery effluent
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HIV associated dementia and HIV encephalitis II: Genes on chromosome 22 expressed in individually microdissected Globus pallidus neurons (Preliminary analysis)
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Comparison and correlation of Simple Sequence Repeats distribution in genomes of Brucella species
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Identification of EPAC (Exchange Protein Activated by cAMP) bioinformatically as a potential signalling biomarker in Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and its molecular docking by a lead molecule
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Modeling the mitochondrial dysfunction in neurogenerative diseases due to high H+ concentration
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