Computational identification of composite regulatory sites in 16s rRNA gene promoters of Mycobacterium species

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Views & Challenges

The next meta-challenge for Bioinformatics

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Alzheimer’s disease and HIV associated dementia related genes: location and function

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PyDeT, a PyMOL plug-in for visualizing geometric concepts around proteins

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Web Database

PlantGI: a database interface for searching of gene indices from agricultural plants

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The structure function relationship of beta glucuronidase in E. coli and Staphylococcus sp

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Prediction Model

CpGIF: an algorithm for the identification of CpG islands

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Current Trends

Oncomirs: The potential role of non-coding micro-RNAs in understanding cancer

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Virtual screening for novel COX-2 inhibitors using the ZINC database

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HapMap Filter 1.0: A tool to preprocess the HapMap genotypic data for association studies

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