Computational Biology and Bioinformatics: A tinge of Indian spice

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Insight into gene fusion from molecular dynamics simulation of fused and un-fused
IGPS (Imidazole Glycerol Phosphate Synthetase)

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Views & Challenges

On gene ontology and function annotation

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Current Trends

Recent trends in Remote homology detection: an Indian Medley
V. S. Gowri and S. Sandhya, 1(3), 94-96 (2006) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



MAP MUTATION: a program for analyzing mutations in protein sequences

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SSRscanner: a program for reporting distribution and location of simple sequence repeats

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Bioinformatics models in drug abuse and neuro-AIDS: Using and developing databases

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GEDAS Gene expression data analysis suite

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Views & Proposal

Comparative modeling of class 1 lysyl tRNA synthetase from Treponema pallidum

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Web Database

Dihedral angle and secondary structure database of short amino acid fragments

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