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Preparing manuscript text


File formats
The following file formats are acceptable:


Article types
When submitting your manuscript, you will be asked to assign one of the following types to your article:

Please note that an additional illustration is allowed for a table. The journal prefer illustrations to tables. However, relaxation of general rules is encouraged where required.


Word count
We recommend authors to comply with the word count. However, relaxation on word limit is allowed when reasonably justified.


Please read the descriptions for each of the article types, choose which is appropriate for your article and structure it accordingly.


Manuscript sections for articles types
Manuscripts for article types submitted to Bioinformation should be divided as under:


Preparing illustrations and figures for accepted articles
The following file formats are accepted with high resolution (300 DPI):


Published data
Please note that it is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce figures

or tables that have previously been published elsewhere.


Referencing style
Referencing of most relevant journal articles are welcomed (please be highly specific in citing references) and should be numbered

as they occur in the running text (ascending order). Referencing of unpublished data, book(s) chapters and conference materials are not allowed.


Authors list in references
The authors list should be strictly be limited to the first author followed by et al., in case of multiple authors (except for references with two authors,

where authors name can be separated by &). All active URL should be given in the reference list.


Suggest Potential Reviewers
Please suggest the names (with contact details, email and fax number are appreciated) for  5 potential reviewers while submitting your manuscript (please suggest reviewers who can provide a critical review on the subject of your manuscript and have worked on related subjects) to help in review.


Select Editor
The authors can select their choice of editor from the editorial Board.



Please click the submit button


Accepted Articles
The manuscript should be submitted to publisher{at} in its accepted form in Microsoft word format

unless otherwise stated. Figures should be in TIFF file format with 300 DPI resolution.