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Database for vegetable phytochemicals and their mechanism of action



Sundararajan Kriushnapriya1*, Kalidass Dhinagar2, Subramanian Malathy1 & Kaniappan Mani3



1Department of Botany, PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore, TamilNadu - 641004, India; 2Department of Computer Science; PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, TamilNadu - 641014, India; 3Department of Botany, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, TamilNadu - 641014, India


Email; *Corresponding author


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Received May 18, 2012; Accepted May 24, 2012; Published May 31, 2012



In an endeavor to screen bioactive compounds present in vegetables with effective mechanism using in silico method lead us to develop a vegetable phytochemicals and their target database (VPTD). The VPTD is a unique bioinformatics resource that compiles information about phytochemicals from vegetables and their mechanism. VPTD contains 2496 phytochemicals from 27 vegetables, their 3D images and their 1337 possible biological mechanism. Each phytochemical contain records of seven data fields providing detailed information on name, source, amount present, structure and mechanistic information. This information has been manually extracted and manually verified from numerous sources, including other electronic databases, textbooks and scientific journals. VPTD is fully searchable and supports extensive text search. The main focus of the VPTD is on providing possible mechanism of phytochemicals, which will help in discovery of potential drugs from one of the common bioresource-vegetable. VPTD is freely available.






Vegetable, Target, Database, Phytochemical, PASS



Kriushnapriya et al. Bioinformation 8(10): 492-495(2012)

Edited by

P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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