Molecule of the month HIV-1 Tat and miRNA
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Structure based design of compounds from natural sources for diabetes and inflammation
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Network biology approach for identifying key regulatory genes by expression based study of breast cancer
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Molecular modeling, docking and ADMET studies towards development of novel Disopyramide analogs for potential inhibition of human voltage gated sodium channel proteins
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Structural insight into the ligand-receptor interaction between glycyrrhetinic acid (GA) and the high-mobility group protein B1 (HMGB1)-DNA complex
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Analysis of multi-domain hypothetical proteins containing iron-sulphur clusters and fad ligands reveal rieske dioxygenase activity suggesting their plausible roles in bioremediation
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Identification and analysis of putative promoter motifs in bovine herpes virus
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Microsatellite repeat dynamics in mitochondrial genomes of phytopathogenic fungi: frequency and distribution in the genic and intergenic regions
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Distribution of amino acids in functional sites of proteins with high melting temperature
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