Designing allosteric modulators for active conformational state of m-glutamate G-protein coupled receptors
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Functional analysis and structure determination of alkaline protease from Aspergillus flavus
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An approach to delineate primers for a group of poorly conserved sequences incorporating the common motif region
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Molecular modelling, docking and interaction studies of human-plasmogen and salmonella-enolase with enolase inhibitors
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Insight into trichomonas vaginalis genome evolution through metabolic pathways comparison
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A Computational analysis on Lectin and Histone H1 protein of different pulse species as well as comparative study with rice for balanced diet
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Views & challanges
Towards an efficient computational mining approach to identify EST-SSR markers
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GIST: Genomic island suite of tools for predicting genomic islands in genomic sequences
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ESMP: A high-throughput computational pipeline for mining SSR markers from ESTs 
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NeMedPlant: a database of therapeutic applications and chemical constituents of medicinal plants from north-east region of India
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