In search of function for hypothetical proteins encoded by genes of SA-JA pathways in Oryza sativa by in silico comparison and structural modeling
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Accommodation of profound sequence differences at the interfaces of eubacterial RNA polymerase multi-protein assembly
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In vitro and In silico studies on inhibitory effects of curcumin on multi drug resistance associated protein (MRP1) in retinoblastoma cells
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Clustering of PubMed abstracts using nearer terms of the domain
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Analysis of human collagen sequences
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A classification scoring schema to validate protein interactors
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BiodEnz:A database of biodegrading enzymes
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The capsicum transcriptome DB: a "hot" tool for genomic research
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Current Trends
Therapeutic application of natural inhibitors against snake venom phospholipase A2
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Current Trends
The protection role of heat shock protein 70 (HSP-70) in the testes of cadmium-exposed rats
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