Current Trends

Computational Epigenetics: the new scientific paradigm
S. J. Lim et al., 4(7) 331-337 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Structural study of physiological ligands with major birch pollen allergen Betv1 by docking and molecular dynamics simulation

S. Kundu & D. Roy 4(7) 326-330 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Metabolic pathway reconstruction of eugenol to vanillin biotransformation in Aspergillus sp

S. Srivastava et al., 4(7) 320-325 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Interaction modes at protein hetero-dimer interfaces
A. Vaishnavi et al., 4(7) 310-319 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



A HLA-DRB supertype chart with potential overlapping peptide binding function
A. Mohanapriya et al., 4(7) 300-309 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Lead expansion and virtual screening of Indinavir derivate HIV-1 protease inhibitors using pharmacophoric - shape similarity scoring function
S. Shityakov & T. Dandekar, 4(7) 295-299 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Virtual screening of AmpC / β lactamase for antimicrobial resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

R. Farmer et al., 4(7) 290-294 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Identification and modeling of drug target for Clostridium perfringens SM101

G. Chhabra et al., 4(7) 278-289 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



A database for inborn errors of metabolism in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh
S. A. A. Latheef, 4(7) 276-277 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


Web Server

FAIR - A server for internal sequence repeats

R. Senthilkumar et al., 4(7) 271-275 (2010) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT