Views & Challenges

Book review on Bioinformation Discovery: Data to knowledge in Biology
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GeneComps and ChemComps: a new CTD metric to identify genes and chemicals with shared toxicogenomic profiles
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ShewRegDB: Database and visualization environment for experimental and predicted regulatory information in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
M. H. Syed et al., 4(4) 169-172 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


Predicting highly-connected hubs in protein interaction networks by QSAR descriptors
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SSR repeat dynamics in mitochondrial genomes of five domestic animal species
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Molecular interactions between Bos taurus interferon-τ1c and human Type I interferon receptor

V. S. Jamwal et al., 4(4) 155-157 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


High GC content: Critical parameter for predicting stress regulated miRNAs in Arabidopsis thaliana
M. Akaash et al., 4(4) 151-154 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Genome subtraction for novel target definition in Salmonella typhi
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A model for the evaluation of domain based classification of GPCR
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Identification of differentially expressed gene modules between two-class DNA microarray data
Y. Okada & T. Inoue, 4(4) 134-137 (2009) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT