This is an open invitation to consider publishing your work in Bioinformation, an open access (GOLD) journal since 2005


Data or information obtained through research funded by TAX payers should be made OPEN ACCESS world wide so that it reaches the poorest of the poor free of cost. This position is 100% clear.


BIOINFORMATION is an open access (gold) online international journal (free to read, download and use) from Biomedical Informatics, featuring quality research articles in Biological Knowledge Discovery since 2005. Bioinformation has published thousands of articles covering various topics in Biology across continents.


The reasons to publish your next manuscript in BIOINFORMATION, includes:


High Visibility: Bioinformation is indexed in PubMed, PubMed Central (PMC), DOI CROSSREF, EBSCO, Emerging source citation Index (Web of Science) and Research Alert (Web of Science).


Editorial Excellence: Our expert editorial team representing North America, Europe and Asia cover all aspects of Bioinformatics for Bioinformation Discovery.


Fast Publication: The first editorial decisions are made within 7-14 days of submission and papers are published online immediately without barrier to access.


Robust manuscript submission system: We use ScholarOne from Clarivate Analytics Inc

for manuscript submission with options for author suggested peer reviewers.


Open access (OA): Articles are made immediately and permanently free for everyone throughout the

world to read and download upon acceptance.


BIOINFORMATION is a fully open access (GOLD) journal and hence, author support is mandatory.


Please be advised that closed access option is not available with BIOINFORMATION.


The open access (gold) charge is USD1000. *A 50% waiver is available for submissions from developing nations upon formal request.


The open access (gold) charge is the cost involved to make the article freely available to the WORLD WIDE readers from America to Asia to Africa through Europe.


We give access to the poor scientists in the under developed and developing countries free of cost towards a better tomorrow.


Please be advised that open access (gold) journals are not PAID journals.


In PAID journals (closed access models) where access to content is through heavy subscription or through pay to access, download or read.




OA Charges are applicable only for those manuscripts found suitable for

publication in the journal after peer and editorial reviews.