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About this journal
Bioinformation (Online ISSN 0973-2063; Print ISSN 0973-8894 with DOI: 10.6026) is an interdisciplinary scientific journal publishing research articles in biological knowledge discovery after peer/editorial review. Scope is broad covering all aspects of biology and biomedicine.

It is a transparent media for scholarly communication of scientific information in biology. All articles are published, without barriers to access, immediately upon acceptance.


Aim and Scope
Bioinformation publishes original research articles in all aspects of biological/biomedical knowledge discovery using biological and biomedical data. The journal specifically invites articles describing new biological/biomedical insights based on primary or derived data but not limited to.


Biology aspect of Bioinformation
Agriculture, Biochemistry, Botany, Biomedicine, Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Clinical Medicine, Dental biology, Immunology, Infectious diseases, Inflammation, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Medicine, Molecular Evolution, Structural Biology, Tissue Engineering, Transplantation and Zoology


Information aspect of Bioinformation
Data cleaning, data storage, data representation, data retrieval, data analysis and knowledge extraction


Enabling Technologies
By definition, articles describing databases, datasets, prediction servers, prediction models and computer programs are classified under enabling technologies.


Publication of research articles by Bioinformation is dependent primarily on their novelty, relevance and coherence, as judged by editors and peer reviewers.


Bioinformation offers a very fast publication schedule whilst maintaining rigorous editorial and peer review. First decision is made within 15 days.


Article Processing Charge

There is NO article processing charge for Bioinformation. However, Open Access Charge is applicable. Please be informed that BIOINFORMATION is open access (OA) only journal and closed access option is NOT available.


Open access (GOLD) linked APC
BIOINFORMATION is open access (GOLD).

Open access (OA) contribution (effective November 1, 2020)

An open access (OA) linked APC contribution of USD 1000 (Production; indexing; CROSSREF DOI, open access charge;

Editorial expenses and maintenance charges) is applicable. This helps readers around the world to download articles

from BIOINFORMATION for free of cost. We provide adequate discount upon kind request where feasible and applicable.


Volumes, issues, page numbers
All papers published in Bioinformation will be assigned a volume number, an issue number and page numbers.


Submission of manuscripts
Manuscripts must be submitted to the editors using online ScholarOne manuscript submission system. Full details of how to submit a manuscript are given in author guidelines.


Journal Start date
February 1, 2005


Monthly (updated April 2019)


Document type
Journal; Academic/Scholarly


Document format




Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to BIOINFORMATION is subjected to editorial (ONE or more) screening

and/or peer (ONE or more) review where required.


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The journal content is indexed in databases like PubMed Central (PMC), PubMed,
DOI CROSSREF: DOI: 10.6026, and several others


Publishing Ethics
The journal adheres to COPE guidelines on publishing ethics as described elsewhere at
The authors should declare that the manuscript submitted to the journal does not violate any form of “ethics in publishing”. 
It is the responsibility of the corresponding author that the “final content” of the “manuscript” is seen, read,
understood and agreed by all authors of the manuscript.

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