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Views on artificial intelligence (AI) assisted clinical trials



Arthi Balsundaram1*, C. Stalin2 & Mohan Krishna Ghanta3



1Biohymns Innovations Pte ltd, Singapore,  2Pharmacovigilance Associate, Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PVPI), Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Ghaziabad, India-201002, 3Department of Pharmacology, MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital, Hoskote, Bangalore-562114, Karnataka, India, 



E-mail: rtms86@yahoo.com

E-mail: stalinmpharm@gmail.com

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E-mail: arthi@biohymns.com

*Correspondening author - Dr. Arthi Balasundaram, Biohymns Innovations Pte ltd, Singapore.


Article Type

Research Article



Received May 25, 2021; Revised May 30, 2021; Accepted May 30, 2021, Published June 30, 2021



It is of interest to document the views of medical professionals on the application of artificial intelligence (using known data for the prediction of unknown events) in clinical trials using a web survery with a structured questionnaire from 377 subjects. The questionnaire contained 17 statements which were categorised into awareness (1,2 statements), perception (3-10 statements) and opinion (11-17 statements). The data obtained was compared between the subjects using two tailed Fisher’s exact test with p-value <0.05 for data significance analysis. Data shows that majority of professionals have possitive views on the application of artificial intelligence in clinical trials. This will accelarrate the drug evaluation process. However, the use of emerging tools such as AI will not replace human subjects in this context.



Artificial intelligence, questionnaire study, clinical trials.



Balsundaram et al. Bioinformation 17(6): 616-622 (2021)


Edited by

P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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