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Identification and characterization of cresol degrading Pseudomonas monteilii strain SHY from Soil samples



Shainy Nhattuketty Krishnan1,2, Anuraj Nayarisseri3,4 & Usha Rajamanickam1,*



1Department of Microbiology, Karpagam University, Karpagam academy of higher education, Eachinary, Coimbatore - 641 021, Tamilnadu, India; 2Department of Microbiology, Safi center for scientific research, Vazhayoor East, Malappuram- 673 633, Kerala, India; 3In silico Research Laboratory, Eminent Biosciences, Vijaynagar, Indore - 452010, Madhya Pradesh, India; 4Bioinformatics Research Laboratory, LeGene Biosciences Pvt Ltd, Indore - 452010, Madhya Pradesh, India



Usha Rajamanickam -


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Received September 14, 2018; Revised October 1, 2018; Accepted October 2, 2018; Published October 3, 2018



Cresol is an organic pollutant discharged by pharmaceutical, pesticide, coal and gasification industries causing severe organ failure in humans. Therefore, it is of interest to isolate microbes from contaminated site for degrading cresol. We isolated a strain (CR-13) that
survives at 5000ppm cresol with about 80% cresol degradation ability. Immobilized cells showed >99% degradation at high concentration of cresol. The 16S rRNA sequence (accession number: MF278026) deposited in GenBank was used for phylogenetic tree analysis and the strain was grouped under Pseudomonas monteilii. The isolated cresol degrading strain was subsequently named as Pseudomonas monteilii SHY.



Cresol degrading bacteria, Pseudomonas monteilii, 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing



Krishnan et al. Bioinformation 14(9): 455-464 (2018)


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P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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