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Artificial Intelligence and brain


Paul Shapshak1*



1Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health, Department of Internal Medicine, University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine, Tampa, FL 33606, USA;




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Received December 19, 2017; Revised January 24, 2018; Accepted January 24, 2018; Published January 31, 2018



From the start, Kurt Godel observed that computer and brain paradigms were considered on a par by researchers and that researchers had misunderstood his theorems. He hailed with displeasure that the brain transcends computers. In this brief article, we point out that Artificial Intelligence (AI) comprises multitudes of human-made methodologies, systems, and languages, and implemented with computer technology. These advances enhance development in the electron and quantum realms. In the biological realm, animal neurons function, also utilizing electron flow, and are products of evolution. Mirror neurons are an important paradigm in neuroscience research. Moreover, the paradigm shift proposed here – ‘hall of mirror neurons’ – is a potentially further productive research tactic. These concepts further expand AI and brain research.



Artificial Intelligence (AI), neuroscience, biomedicine, ecosystem, brain, cognitive architecture, self-motivated behavior, symbol grounding, language grounding, cognitive science, games, event schemata, deep learning, mirror neuron, shadow neuron, neuron manifold, neuron group, neuron colony, gene expression, research, development, topology, manifold, fiber bundle, computer, machine, cognition, awareness, consciousness, quantum computers, robotics, co-robotics (cobots), Godel, paradigm shift, hall of mirror neurons, neuropsychiatric disease.



Shapshak. Bioinformation 14(1): 038-041 (2018)


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P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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