Naturally occurring capsid protein variants L1 of human papillomavirus genotype 16 in Morocco
El-Aliani et al. Bioinformation 13(8): 241- 248 (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT
Identification of long non-coding RNA in rice lines resistant to Rice blast pathogen Maganaporthe oryzae
Jain et al. Bioinformation 13(8): 249-255 (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT
Marine sponge derived natural products as inhibitors of mycothiol-S-conjugate amidase
Saxena & Mishra. Bioinformation 13(8): 256- 260 (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT
Druggability and Binding Site Interaction Studies of Potential Metabolites Isolated from Marine Sponge Aurora globostellata against Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-2
Sugappriya et al. Bioinformation 13(8): 261- 268 (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT
Potential Hemoglobin A/F role in clinical Malaria
Awasthi et al. Bioinformation 13(8): 269-273 (2017) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


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