Molecule of the month: miRNA and Huntington’s disease (HD)
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Views and opinion on BDNF as a target for diabetic cognitive dysfunction
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Association rule mining based study for identification of clinical parameters akin to occurrence of brain tumor
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Molecular modeling and docking characterization of CzR1, a CC-NBS-LRR R-gene from Curcuma zedoaria Loeb. that confers resistance to Pythium aphanidermatum
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A Combinatorial approach: To design inhibitory molecules on Hemagglutinin protein of H1N1 virus (Swine Flu)
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Comparative computational analysis of ADP Glucose Pyrophosphorylase in plants
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One known and an unknown species of the genus Thaparocleidus Jain, 1952, infecting Sperata aor (Hamilton, 1822): comparison with species from China, on molecular basis
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Virtual screening using the ligand ZINC database for novel lipoxygenase-3 inhibitors
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Design and development of portal for biological database in agriculture
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Graphical contig analyzer for all sequencing platforms (G4ALL): a new stand-alone tool for finishing and draft generation of bacterial genomes
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