Mapping and analysis of the LINE and SINE type of repetitive elements in rice
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Genome-wide integrative analysis revealed a correlation between lengths of copy number segments and corresponding gene expression profile
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Molecular docking of glucosamine-6-phosphate synthase in Rhizopus oryzae
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Mining and survey of simple sequence repeats in wheat rust Puccinia sp
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Study of the role of “gatekeeper” mutations V654A and T670I of c-kit kinase in the interaction with inhibitors by means mixed molecular dynamics/docking approach
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Homology modeling, comparative genomics and functional annotation of Mycoplasma genitalium hypothetical protein MG_237
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Web server
A protein short motif search tool using amino acid sequence and their secondary structure assignments
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IGIPT - Integrated genomic island prediction tool
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Prediction Model
EGID: an ensemble algorithm for improved genomic island detection in genomic sequences
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Current Trends
Dissemination of Evidence-Based Standards of Care
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