Views & Challenges
An efficient approach to the deployment of complex open source information systems
Truong & Groeneveld, Bioinformation 7(4): 152-153 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

DiseaseComps: a metric that discovers similar diseases based upon common toxicogenomic profiles at CTD
Davis et al. Bioinformation 7(4): 154-156 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

EuDBase: An online resource for automated EST analysis pipeline (ESTFrontier) and database for red seaweed Eucheuma denticulatum
Mohamed-Hussein et al. Bioinformation 7(4): 157-162 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Identification of hub proteins from sequence
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An improved hybrid of SVM and SCAD for pathway analysis
Misman et al. Bioinformation 7(4): 169-175 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Comparative Study of different msDNA (multicopy single-stranded DNA) structures and phylogenetic comparison of reverse transcriptases (RTs): evidence for vertical inheritance
Das et al. Bioinformation 7(4): 176-179 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Characterization of mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPKs) in the Curcuma longa expressed sequence tag database
Joshi et al. Bioinformation 7(4): 180-183 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

MD simulation and experimental evidence for Mg2+ binding at the B site in human AP endonuclease 1
Oezguen et al. Bioinformation 7(4): 184-198 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Active compound from the leaves of Vitex negundo L. shows anti-inflammatory activity with evidence of inhibition for secretory Phospholipase A2 through molecular docking
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Molecular modeling and identification of substrate binding site of orphan human cytochrome P450 4F22
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