Web server
miRTour: Plant miRNA and target prediction tool
Milev et al. Bioinformation 6(6): 248-249 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

The integrated web service and genome database for agricultural plants with biotechnology information
Kim et al. Bioinformation 6(6): 246-247 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

The open-access dataset for in silico cardiotoxicity prediction system
Polak et al. Bioinformation 6(6): 244-245 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Prediction model
An ANN-GA model based promoter prediction in Arabidopsis thaliana using tilling microarray data
Mishra et al. Bioinformation 6(6): 240-243 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

An ANN model for treatment prediction in HBV patients
Iqbal et al. Bioinformation 6(6): 237-239 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Flavonoids lower Alzheimer's Aß production via an NFkB dependent mechanism
Paris et al. Bioinformation 6(6): 229-236 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Structure based virtual screening of anticanerous polyphenolic phytocompounds against G-protein coupled receptor and identification of potent antagonist ligand(s) through molecular docking
Pitchai et al. Bioinformation 6(6): 226-228 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Binding mode prediction and inhibitor design of anti-influenza virus diketo acids targeting metalloenzyme RNA polymerase by molecular docking
Ishikawa & Fujii. Bioinformation 6(6): 221-225 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Construction of efficient and effective transformation vectors for palmitoyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase gene silencing in oil palm
Bhore & Shah. Bioinformation 6(6): 212-220 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT

Modeling and phylogeny analysis of bread wheat MnSOD
Sheoran et al. Bioinformation 6(6): 209-211 (2011) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT