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PrimerIdent: A web based tool for conserved primer design



Alberto M Pessoa1,2*, Susana Pereira 1,2, Jorge Teixeira1,2



1University of Porto, Faculty of Sciences, Biology Department, Edifício FC4, Rua do Campo Alegre, s/n, 4169-007 Porto, Portugal; 2BioFIG - Center for Biodiversity, Functional & Integrative Genomics, Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Lab, University of Porto, Portugal


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received  May 28, 2010; accepted  June 9, 2010; published online July 06, 2010




Conserved primers across multiple species and simultaneously specific for a certain isozyme can be rare and difficult to find. PrimerIdent was developed aiming to automate this primer design and selection process in a given nucleotide sequence alignment, providing an intuitive, easy to interpret graphical result, which offers a list of all possible primers that meet the user criteria, with a colour-code identity to each sequence in the alignment. The software here presented is a simple and intuitive web based tool that is suitable for distinguishing very similar nucleotide sequences, such as isozymes-coding sequences, to enable the conserved primer design across multiple species, necessary for approaches that rely on knowing if a primer is suitable for a certain set of pre-aligned sequences, to design a specific primer to a certain sequence variation, or a combination thereof. This extremely useful software can, therefore, be used as a tool for the specific amplification of individual members of multigenic families across related species and also to evaluate the differential expression of isogenes for a given species.







Primer design, conserved primers, multiple-purposed primers, gene-specific primers




Subramanian et al. Bioinformation 5(2): 52-54 (2010))


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P. Kangueane








Biomedical Informatics




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