Views & Challenges

On new challenge for the Bioinformatics

S. Costantini et al., 3(5), 238-239 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



GT-Miner: a graph-theoretic data miner, viewer, and model processor

D. E. Brown et al., 3(5), 235-237 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Functional insights by comparison of modeled structures of 18kDa small heat shock protein and its mutant in Mycobacterium leprae

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Application of wavelet-based neural network on DNA microarray data

J. Lee & B. Zee, 3(5), 223-229 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Assessment for the identification of better HDAC inhibitor class through binding energy calculations and descriptor analysis
K. Subha & G. Ramesh Kumar,
3(5), 218-222 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Unusual codon usage bias in lowly expressed genes of Vibrio cholerae

S. Basak et al., 3(5), 213-217 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Performance evaluation of DNA motif discovery programs

C. P. Singh et al., 3(5), 205-212 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


Current Trends

Pharmacovigilance: Effects of herbal components on human drugs interactions
involving Cytochrome P450

A. Saxena et al., 3(5), 198-204 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



β-glucuronidase of family-2 glycosyl hydrolase: A missing member in plants

L. Arul et al., 3(5), 194-197 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Pre-docking filter for protein and ligand 3D structure

A. Wilantho et al., 3(5), 189-193 (2008) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT