Views & Challenges

Comparative genomics - A perspective

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Evolutionary trace analysis of plant haemoglobins: implications for site-directed mutagenesis

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Views & Challenges

An overview on biodiversity information in databases 

P. Shanmughavel, 1(9), 367-369 (2007) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


Current Trends

Physiologic modulation of natural killer cell activity as an index of Alzheimer's disease progression

P. Prolo et al.,1(9), 363-366 (2007) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT


Web Database

xGENIA: A comprehensive OWL ontology based on the GENIA corpus

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Views & Challenges

Functional annotation strategy for protein structures

O. Doppelt et al., 1(9), 357-359 (2007) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Your database is obsolete: the promise of contextual Bioinformatics

M. Gollery, 1(9), 356 (2007) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



The role of data mining in turning bio-data into Bioinformation

W. Perrizo, 1(9), 351-355 (2007) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT



Docking of phosphonate and trehalose analog inhibitors into M. tuberculosis mycolyltransferase Ag85C:
Comparison of the two scoring fitness functions GoldScore and ChemScore, in the GOLD software

M. K. Annamala et al., 1(9), 339-350 (2007) PDF, HTML-ABSTRACT